... most of the illegal substance came from Malaysia.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Directorate General of Excise and Customs (DJBC) has foiled 115 narcotic smuggling attempts over the past six months confiscating 346.96 kilograms of drugs worth Rp254.41 billion.

The director of customs and excise regulations and collection, Susiwijono, said in a statement received here on Wednesday the number of narcotics smuggling cases did not change much from year to year.

In 2013 the number was recorded at 158, in 2011 146 and in 2012 has 132.

DJBC in 2012 aborted attempts to smuggle up to 546.54 kilograms worth Rp514.01 billion.

He said most of the illegal substance came from Malaysia. Malaysia and India have been among the biggest suppliers of narcotics to the country.

He said out of 115 cases from January to July 5, 34 involving narcotics from Malaysia while 21 others India and the rest from the US and other countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

He said most of the smugglers involved in the cases were male recorded at 107 in 2010, 126 in 2011, 101 in 2012 and 94 in 2013.

The number of female smugglers that had been arrested meanwhile was 51 in 2010, 32 in 2011, 35 in 2012 and 34 in 2013.

Susiwijono said the task of DJBC was heavier as besides official ports there are also tiny ports that have often been used to smuggle illegal goods including narcotics.

He said DJBC as a community protector had continuously taken efforts to protect the community against illegal goods especially narcotics.

(Reporting by Agus Salim/H-YH/F001)

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