Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Three Kopassus members involved in a deadly penitentiary raid in Cebongan, Yogyakarta, in Central Java in March were sentenced to four months and 20 days in jail on Friday.

Major Sergeant Muhammad Rockhmadi, Major Sergeant Muhammad Zaenuri, and Chief Sergeant Sutar from Group 2 of the army`s special force based in Kartasura, Central Java, however would not have to stay in prison because their time in detention since April was deducted from the sentence.

The three are Kopassus intelligence agents and military police members who were then assigned at the sentry post when their fellow members departed the compounds to carry out the raid.

They had tried to stop them from going but failed and later did not report the case to their superior.

Several Kopassus members raided the Cebongan prison at 00.30 hours on March 23, 2013 and killed four police detainees accommodated at the prison namely Benyamin Angel Sahetapy alias Deki, Yohanis Juan Manbait alias Juan, Adrianus Chandra Galaja alias Dedy and Yermiyanto Rohi Riwu alias Ade.

The four were detained by the police following their involvement in a fight at Hugo`s Cafe several days before the raid that led to the death of a Kopassus member.

The incident has caused public uproar with the Kopassus defending that the action happened out of solidarity after their fellow member was killed before.

Three members of the army`s special forces Kopassus, involved in the incident were sentenced to between six and 11 years in jail on Thursday.

Second Sergeant Ucok Tigor Simbolon was sentenced to 11 years in jail minus time in detention, while Second Sergeant Sumaryoto to eight years minus time in detention and First Corporal Kodik to six years minus time in detention after being proven guilty of violating Article 340 of the Criminal Code, killing the four inmates.

The three were also discharged from the military.

Five other Kopassus members involved in the raid meanwhile have been sentenced to one year and nine months.

They are Second Sergeant Tri Juwarno, Second Sergeant Anjar Rahmanto, Second Sergeant Martinus Banani, Second Sergeant Suprapto and Second Sergeant Hendro Siswoyo

They were proven deliberately helping the other convicts in their activities that had caused deaths to violate Article 340 of the Criminal Code.(*)

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