Beijing (ANTARA News) - In a move to expand cooperation, Indonesia and China will swap auditors between their Supreme Audit Agency institutions to study each other`s audit mechanisms and systems, said Indonesian Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) Chairman Hadi Purnomo.

"China is a rapidly growing country not only economically but also politically, including in the performance of the government (in terms of) supervision and inspection," Hadi stated here on Monday.

On the sidelines of the 21st World Conference of the International Congress of Supreme Audit Institutions (INCOSAI), he observed that for developing more effective, efficient, and economical mechanisms, audit systems need innovation and creativity.

"If we conduct our own research and development, it will take a longer time and cost more. That`s why we have to work together with a number of countries through auditor exchange programs," Hadi explained.

Each auditor in a swap program will be directly involved in different auditing activities, he added.

"So each auditor that we send will not just observe the system and mechanism in China, but will be directly involved in every activity there and vice versa. So every auditor will fully understand every system and all mechanisms that exist and (how they) can be adapted to each country`s interests," said Hadi.

Indonesia and China face common problems in the fields of environment, natural resources, mining, and petroleum, the only difference being in the production sector. So we may be focusing on the oil and mining audit, Hadi noted.

Indonesia and China`s Supreme Audit Agency institutions had signed an agreement in 2011 for cooperation which involved an auditor exchange program.

The Indonesian Supreme Audit Agency has earlier exchanged auditors with countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. The exchanges have involved different scopes of examination.

"We learned about mining audits and also effective, efficient, and economic auditing from Australia. While from the United States, we learned about examination, asset tracking, and others," Hadi explained.

The Indonesian Supreme Audit Agency has sent about four-five auditors abroad, with a duty term of three to four years, he added.

On the sidelines of the conference, the Indonesian Supreme Audit Agency will also sign agreements with the Philippines and the Polish agencies.

The 21st INCOSAI conference which is being held from October 21 to October 26 aims to discuss two issues - "National Audit and National Government" and the Supreme Audit Agency`s role in guarding the country`s financial policy on a continuous basis.

Reporter: Rini Utami
Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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