Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo, better known as Jokowi, meets the national leadership criteria based on criteria set by the countrys second largest Muslim organization Muhammadiyah, an observer said.

"Jokowi has the courage to take a firm decision and risk but he does not like creating discourses," Ari Dwipayana, a political analyst of the University of Gajah Mada, said when contacted through his cellular phone here on Sunday.

Dwipayana noted that the people wanted Jokowis leadership to serve as an antithesis to the present national leadership which at present tended to create discourses.

He said that the future leaders should have a firm character, be down-to-earth and avoid many discourses.

"The people hoped that national leadership in the future should have the courage to take risks for the interest of the people," the political analyst said.

He said courage in this case meant the gut to get out of dilemma and to find solutions to serve the interest of the people.

Muhammadiyah General Chairman Din Syamsuddin said on Wednesday the public hoped national leaders should have seven criteria for a presidential candidate in next years elections.

The seven criteria included vision based on national ideals, ability to develop solidarity for a heterogeneous society, courage to face risk, ability to take fast, accurate and firm decision, ability to overcome problems and empowerment of human resource and high morality integrity.


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