Jokowi to modernize people`s markets in capital city

"We aim to remove the problem of dirty, smelly marketplaces in the city," Jokowi said.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Jakarta governor Joko Widodo, or Jokowi as he is popularly called, made another breakthrough by starting the modernization of peoples markets in the capital city on Wednesday.

"We aim to remove the problem of dirty, smelly marketplaces in the city," he said at a groundbreaking ceremony marking the development of five traditional markets in the city that sell mostly fresh produce.

Initially, the program will affect five markets: Pasar Manggis, Pasar Pesanggrahan, Pasar Kebon Bawang, Pasar Kampung Duri, and Pasar Nangka Bungur.

Jokowi noted that the markets must not be inferior compared to modern ones, and therefore, they must be cleaned up, submit to zoning requirements, and must provide parking lots.

He stated there were still 23 other markets that have to be revitalized.

He also pointed out that traders would eventually not have to pay rent since he considered this to be an unreasonable burden, especially for those earning small profits.

"They, however, will have to pay fees that are mandated in the bylaw," he said.

He claimed old traders would be prioritized for setting up shop in the new market, while those who used to do business outside the old market will be accommodated inside the new market.

The populist governor has so far been able to relocate street vendors who had jammed streets around the countrys largest garment market in Tanah Abang and illegal dwellers located around several dams in the city, allowing the city to normalize the dams functions once the dwellers were removed.(*)