SGB, China's Leading Pump Manufacturer, Reduces Annual Energy Cost to China's Mining and Energy Sector by 8 Billion kWh

The Chinese government and private investors invest approximately 1 trillion RMB annually in energy saving and clean energy projects, resulting in technological advances (SGB slurry pumps being a prime example) that have contributed to significant reductions in China's energy consumption.

BEIJING, Nov. 11, 2013 (ANTARA/PRNewswire) -- Prior to 2000, China's industrial slurry pump market relied on imported brands. Those imports have now largely been replaced by OEM pumps from Shijiazhuang Industrial Pump Factory (SGB) resulting in substantially reduced operating costs and energy consumption for their clients.

According to test data, SGB pumps out-perform foreign counterparts by as much as 10% energy efficiency. This has resulted in mind-boggling annual savings of 8 billion kWh of electricity, vindicating SGB's position as brand leader in the Chinese domestic market, with an impressive overall market share of over 50% since 2006 and a 75% market share in the coal sector alone - a share that continues to increase.

The unique and innovative design of the SGB pump was developed in the 1980's by Professor Wang Hongsheng and his research team at the Coal Preparation Branch of China's Coal Research Institute. The initial 25OZJ-75 model pump successfully underwent operating trials at the Tianjin First Thermal Power Plant in 1989.

Subsequently, SGB brand pumps have never looked back; their growing reputation for reliability, long service life, operating efficiency and low maintenance cost have firmly established the SGB brand as China's pre-eminent industrial slurry pump.

Mr. Su Jin, SGB's Chairman recalled that he initially had to persuade industrialists to evaluate the pump by offering a free trial. He further explained that "Originally, we charged them only the energy savings achieved by use of our pump, compared to imported pumps, over a three year period. Within just six months they saw substantial reductions in their energy cost."

"Fortunately, this unorthodox marketing strategy was effective, so effective in fact that, less than six months later, satisfied clients were requesting us to accept the full payment price of the pump, which they had calculated was substantially cheaper than paying SGB the energy savings achieved."

Today, SGB pumps continue to outshine rival offerings; it is estimated that one heavy duty SGB slurry pump will achieve savings of approximately 400,000 KWh of electricity annually and, given the number of such pumps now in operation in China, that adds up to an astonishing total reduction in energy consumption estimated to be 8 billion kWh.

"The Chinese government and private investors annually invest over one trillion RMB in energy saving projects and emission reduction schemes," said Barney Bai, Director of FavorSea Industrial Channel, SGB's export marketing arm. "We are proud to play a role in these energy reduction developments and the SGB slurry pump is clearly a great success story in the constant drive to reduce China's energy consumption."

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