I told him that the wire tapping issue had attracted widespread attention from various parties in Indonesia."
Melbourne (ANTARA News) - Indonesias Vice President Boediono has said that Australian Prime Minister Toni Abbott had responded positively to Indonesias protests related to the wire tapping issue.

"The Australian Prime Minister gave a positive response to the inputs received from Indonesia about intelligence information not being used to attack each other," Boediono told newsmen on Friday.

Boediono explained that during a bilateral meeting with Abbott, he had given him various inputs on the subject.

"I told him that the wire tapping issue had attracted widespread attention from various parties in Indonesia," the Vice President said, adding that there should be a system whereby intelligence gathered in the future should not be used to attack each other.

Although Abbott had responded positively, no concrete assurances had been given by the Australian PM, Boediono stated.

"There has been no concrete decision about the future and if there will be any further negotiations concerning the wire tapping issue," Boediono noted.

Earlier on Friday the Vice President delivered a lecture before hundreds of students at the Monash University.

During his lecture, Boediono had emphasized that education; innovation and technology were important factors in improving peoples welfare.

The presence of Boediono at Monash University, as one of its alumni, was warmly welcomed by Australias Education Minister Christopher Pyne, and the rector and the students of the university.

Boediono completed his undergraduate program at the University of Western Australia in the field of economics and then proceeded to complete a post graduate program at Monash University.

Melbourne is the third Australian city that the vice president will be visiting during his state visit to Australia slated for November 10 to 16.

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