RI improves ranking on global corruption perception index

The survey called Corruption Perception Index 2013 placed Indonesia at the 114th position among the 177 countries being valued.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias efforts to eradicate corruption from the country are progressing, according to the latest Corruption Perception Index released by Berlin-based NGO Transparency International.

The survey called Corruption Perception Index 2013 was released on Tuesday and placed Indonesia at the 114th position among the 177 countries being valued by the NGO. The latest ranking is a positive development, considering that Indonesia was ranked 118th last year.

According to Transparency International Indonesia, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) had successfully uncovered corruption cases involving high ranking officials and parliament members during the past one year.

However, more challenges are expected as Indonesia plans to hold a general election next year. Transparency International highlighted the need for transparency in the use of campaign funds and evaluating the track record of parliament members or candidates ahead of the election.

The NGO also called on the Indonesian people to be more active in ensuring a more transparent and accountable election in 2014.

The global Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 adjudged Denmark and New Zealand as the least corrupt, while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia were the worst performers this year.

The Corruption Perceptions Index is based on experts opinions about public sector corruption in each country.

Countries scores can be helped by allowing strong access to information systems and rules governing the behavior of those in public positions, while a lack of accountability across the public sector, coupled with ineffective public institutions can hurt these perceptions.(*)