Padang, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The Constitutional Court (MK) has rejected a lawsuit filed by candidate-pair M Ikhlas El Qudsi-Januardi Sumka (Michel-Jadi) in the Padang municipal election.

The pair (Michel-Jadi) filed the lawsuit through their plaintiff authority Samaratul Fuad as the applicant in the case against the defendant in disputing Padangs General Election Commission (KPU).

"In its decision, the MK panel of judges, chaired by Hamdan Zoelva, stated that the Commission received the exception of Padang KPU as a defendant, and dismissed the suit entirely," Padang KPU commissioner M Sjahbana Sjam said on Monday.

Sjahbana added that the MKs panel of judges, in their verdict, determined that all applicants charges submitted cannot be proven and have no legal basis.

Regarding the claim that the Padangs KPU is unprofessional, as it has passed candidate number 3, Desri Ayunda-James Hellywar, which did not meet the minimum requirement of support of 36,544 people, the MK also said that this charge was not proven.

"Other violations of the existence of a black campaign is also not proven," MK said.

Following the rejection, Sjahbana said that the local KPU planned to carry out the second round of municipal polling on January 15 or January 23, 2014.

Previously, the provincial KPU decided that a second round of municipal polling would be carried out on Wednesday (Dec 18, 2013) with two pairs of candidates participating.

First round of the elections was participated in by ten pairs of candidates namely Emma Yohanna-Wahyu Iramana Putra (serial number 1), Mohammad Ichlas El Qudsi-Januardi Sumka (2), Desri Ayunda-James Helyward (3), Asnawi Bahar-Surya Budhi (4), Ibrahim-Nardi Gusman (5), Kandris Asrin-Hendra Dwipa (6), Maigus Nasir-Armalis (7), Indra Jaya-Yefri Hendri Dharmi (8), Syamsuar Syam-Mawardi Nur (9) and Mahyeldi Ansarullah-Emzalmi (10).

Reporting by Derizon Yazid


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