Medan, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Four injured victims from the helicopter crash in Karo District have been hospitalized in Efarina Etaham hospital in Jamin Ginting Street of Kabanjahe, N Sumatra.

"The four victims hospitalized are Arif Setiawan, the pilot (has yet to be identified), Torang Simanjorang, Yahya Sembiring and Nilawati Ginting, the passengers," stated Chief of Public Relation of Karo District Administration Jhonson Tarigan in an interview to Antara here, on Monday.

He added that the four injured victims were being treated in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) room at 12 p.m.

The helicopter crashed after trying to take off from the helipad of the three-storey Efarina hospital.

"The helicopter crashed in the hospital yard," noted Jhonson.

Jhonson added that the blade propellers and tail part of the helicopter were broken.

The Police, says Jhonson, has set a police line to prevent people from coming to the scene of the accident scene which is being guarded by several security officers.

"There are tens of people of Kabanjahe who want to take a look at the condition of crashed helicopter," stated Jhonson.


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