Indonesia's tax receipts reach Rp83.7 trillion in January

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesias tax receipts in the year to January 30, 2014 reached Rp83.78 trillion, accounting for 6.5 percent of the target of Rp1,280.38 trillion set in the 2014 state budget, according to the Finance Ministry.

The tax receipts consisted of taxes worth Rp71.5 trillion and excise duties worth Rp12.25 trillion, the ministrys directorate general of treasury said in a press statement released on Wednesday.

The tax receipts comprised income tax worth Rp38.9 trillion, value added tax worth Rp31.5 trillion, property tax worth Rp656.2 billion, excise duties worth Rp8.5 trillion, import duties worth Rp2.3 trillion and export duties worth Rp1.4 trillion.

Director General of Taxation Fuad Rahmany said the relatively high tax receipts were because many companies deferred tax payments until January 2014 due to liquidity difficulties.

In the year to January 31, 2013, tax receipts were recorded at Rp68.2 trillion consisting of taxes worth Rp56.8 trillion and excise duties worth Rp11.4 trillion.

Reporting by Satyagraha