The island has a vast marine and ecotourism potential, but it lacks the necessary supporting infrastructure."
Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - The Enggano Island in the district of North Bengkulu, Bengkulu province, is in need of adequate infrastructure facility in order to support the island tourism, an official stated.

"The island has a vast marine and ecotourism potential, but it lacks the necessary supporting infrastructure," Zulvan Zaviery, a developer of the Enggano island tourism industry noted here on Thursday.

Zulvan explained that the North Bengkulu district government had proposed to build the requisite supporting infrastructure including accommodation, communication network, transportation facility, and electricity.

According to him, transportation from Bengkulu to the island is very difficult on normal days and it tends to pose an even greater challenge during bad weather.

"The Enggano Island is accessible by a local ferry and a one-way trip usually takes around 12 hours, though it depends on the weather conditions," he remarked, adding that the tourists, who arrive there by ferry often face difficulties in finding an accommodation.

Zulvan emphasized that the Enggano Island, with its bountiful great reefs off the coast, is also one of places in Indonesia to enjoy surfing.

But, so far, many foreign tourists who enjoy surfing, come to the Enggano Island by cruise ship, rather than by ferry from Bengkulu.

He added that the tourism potential of the Enggano Island can be used as an alternative to improve the livelihood of the local people. The island has five ethnic communities with a wealth of customs and cultures that can be showcased to the tourists.

"Besides this, the island boasts several tourist sites and dense mangrove forests that naturally serve as a barrier and prevent coastal erosion," he stated.

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