Dumai, Riau Province (ANTARA News) - The fires that devoured the oil refinery of the state energy company, PT Pertamina, in Dumai, Riau Province on Sunday at 22.00 p.m., triggered panic among residents and irate officers of the company.

"The company should be responsible for the panic and fear among the residents near the refinery area. We are worried that the refinery will explode again," a local residents in Tanjung Palas Village, Megi, stated here on Sunday.

The mood outside the refinery was tense due to several people force trying to enter the location that was secured by the police and security team.

Before the refinery got burnt, the Dumai City residents heard loud explosions from the area.

"The Pertamina had promised the residents that they will turn on the warning alarm during any emergency situation. However, there were no warnings from the company," retorted a local resident, Yani.

Yani stated that the people were worried that there will be more explosions from the refinery subsequently. "The incident has triggered panic among people and anger toward PT Pertamina management in Dumai," she added.

The explosion in the oil refinery has triggered panic among thousands of residents in Dumai City who had gathered in Putri Tujuh Street to watch the fire.

The condition of Dumai at 00.00 a.m., on Monday was still tense since people could smell the oil in the air.

The Police officers along with Indonesian Military soldiers secured the area as an effort to evacuate and manage the situation.

The Chief of Dumai Resort Police Senior Commissioner Adjunct Yudi Kurniawan and Regional Military Commander of 0303 Lieutenant Colonel Mahfug Ghozali were leading the security efforts.

Meanwhile, the regional officers such as Regional Secretary, Said Mustafa, and Deputy Chairman for Regional House of Representatives, Zainal Abidin, expressed their disappointment.

The officers of RU II of PT Pertamina in Dumai are yet to speak out anything related to the fire incident.



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