The activity is dangerous, particularly during downpours."
Kediri (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Military (TNI) soldiers have beefed up security arrangements around the lava canal of Mount Kelud in the Kediri District, East Java province, as it can be dangerous to the residents.

"We have continuously informed the people and checked the condition of the location. We have been monitoring the lava canal and have urged the people to avoid mining sand from the canal," Kediri Military Regional 0809 Commander Lieutenant Colonel Heriyadi stated here on Tuesday.

According to Heriyadi, some people have started mining sand from the canal.

"The activity is dangerous, particularly during downpours," he added.

The lava flow carrying huge materials such as rock and sand can hit and bury the miners.

He emphasized that the soldiers of Kediri Military Regional 0809 are focusing on repair and restoration work in the Sugihwaras Village of the Kediri District.

He noted that the soldiers are always on vigil to avoid casualties due to the cold lava flow.

The soldiers have also evaluated the total damages caused by the Mount Kelud eruption and are finding safe locations for shelters.

He claimed that the soldiers will inspect the damages once the alert status of Mount Kelud has been lowered to normal level.

There are at least 11 lava dykes that have spread across the Kediri District and Blitar District.

The total lava dykes that spread in six villages in the Kediri District can hold at least 3.14 million cubic meters of cold lava.

Meanwhile, the total lava dykes in five villages in the Blitar District can hold 11.17 million cubic meters of cold lava.

The Commander pointed out that a lava dyke brimming with volcanic material is located in the Sukorejo canal of the Jarak Village, Kediri District.

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