Former chief justice Akil Mochtar to hear charges at court

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former constitutional court chief justice Akil Mochtar will hear charges during the first day of his trial scheduled to take place here on Thursday afternoon.

Akil has so far been detained by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) for allegedly accepting bribes in exchange for his rulings over the regional election disputes.

The revelation about this case has come as a shock to the people as the countrys highest court has so far been greatly regarded for its rulings on several high-profile cases.

"We have made no special preparations for the first court session today," Akils lawyer Tamsil Sjoekoer stated when questioned about the trial.

According to information furnished by several news sites, Akil, while holding the post of chief justice, had reportedly amassed tens of billions of rupiah from regional head candidates involved in election disputes such as in the Gunung Mas district election dispute (Rp3 billion), the Lebak district election dispute (Rp1 billion), the Empat Lawan district election dispute (Rp10 billion), among several others.

"Certainly, Pak (mr) Akil believes he had never received that money. So, the court must prove who has actually given and received it," Tamsil noted.

He admitted he has not yet met his client, so he did not know whether he will immediately object to the charges soon after they are labeled against him.

Akil has been named a suspect along with parliamentary member from Golkar Party Chairun Nisa, Gunung Mas District Head Hambit Bintih, and a businessman in connection with a bribery case, amounting to Rp3 billion, which is linked to the election dispute in the Gunung Mas district.

He is also been named a suspect along with lawyer Susi Tur Handayani, Banten Governor Atut Ratu Chosiyah, and her brother Tubagus Chaery Wardhana in connection with a bribery case, worth Rp1 billion, which is linked to the Lebak district election.

In the meantime, Akil has also been allegedly involved in other cases of bribery linked to election disputes in the district.

Reporting by Desca Lidya Natalia