Indonesia aims to graduate 4,000 doctorates per year

Indonesia aims to graduate 4,000 doctorates per year

(ANTARA/Dhoni Setiawan)

Medan, N Sumatra, March 1 (ANTARA News) - Indonesia is still lacking human resources at the doctorate level, so it is setting a target to graduate 4,000 students with doctorate degrees every year, a deputy minister said.

"In order to achieve its need for resources at a doctorate degree level, the government is making different efforts, including providing scholarships," Musliar Kasin, the deputy minister for education and culture, said here on Saturday.

Indonesia has only 75,000 doctorate graduates, while China has over 500 thousand doctorate graduates, he asserted.

"If Indonesias population accounts for one-third of that of China, Indonesia has to have 100 thousand doctorate graduates at the Strata 3 level," he noted.

Therefore, he said, S1 and S2 graduates must be motivated to continue their education to higher levels and to be awarded doctorate degrees.