Russia appreciates Iindonesian`s stance amid Ukraine crisis

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Russian Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Galuzin has appreciated the statement by Indonesias Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa who called on all parties to find peaceful ways to resolve Ukraines crisis.

Ambassador Galuzin stated during a press conference at Russian Embassy here on Wednesday that the Russian Government has accepted Indonesias statement for all concerned parties in Ukraines situation as a sincere approach in order to find solution through peace diplomacy, instead of through violent ways.

"That is the main signal from Indonesia to all sides who has been involved in Ukraines crisis and to international community as well as the policy makers in Ukraine to find solution for this crisis through dialog and diplomacy," Galuzin stated.

Previously, Minister Marty Natalegawa released a statement on Tuesday (March 4) regarding unfolding developments in Ukraine that Indonesia was very concerned with the worsening situation in Ukraine, which had escalated to an international crisis from a mere internal political instability initially.

Indonesia had also called upon all concerned parties, including the United Nations Security Council, to exercise utmost restraint, manage the crisis, promote peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine and to consistently uphold respect for international law.

As for the UN, Indonesia expected the body to shoulder its responsibility in accordance with the charter of the UN in maintaining international peace and security in responding to crisis in Ukraine.

"I fully respect that statement, which aims to seek peaceful ways to resolve the crisis in Ukraine," Galuzin affirmed.

During the press conference with Indonesian media, Galuzin also explained that the Russian military settlement in the South and East of Ukraine, including the autonomous region of Crimea, was to secure Russian speakers, military and vital appointments, as well as to protect its citizens living there from extremists threatens.

"The Russian Military is not intervening with domestic affairs of Ukraine, and the deployment of Russian troops in Crimea Peninsula was in accordance with the articles of Russia and Ukraines agreement of the displacement of Russian Military base in the peninsula," Galuzin explained.(*)