... it is not too complicated... "
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia's Minister of Foreign Affairs Marty Natalegawa stated that Indonesia and Australia had stepped into the second stage of the roadmap, created by President Susilo Yudhoyono, to restore diplomatic relationship between the two countries.

Natalegawa said at the Pancasila Building of the Foreign Affairs Ministry here on Monday, he had a number of opportunities to discuss the issue with Australia's Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop, the last time was in Mexico.

"It was a fruitful conversation between the two of us on the protocol or code of conduct (COC), but we haven't talked formally in terms of having the draft of the COC," Natalegawa explained.

The second stage of the roadmap to restore the diplomatic relation between Indonesia and Australia is a thorough discussion of the protocol and code of conduct to be followed.

He added that in the next few days, Indonesia and Australia will identify the things that will be refrained in the future.

However, Natalegawa did not elaborate on the details that will be assessed by Indonesia and Australia.

"I think it is not too complicated. More importantly, we have similar perception about what such a COC, as the basic principle of our bilateral relationship, will aim for and explain that we have to do certain things and not do certain things," he said.

He also underlined that the basic principles of Indonesia's and Australia's diplomatic relationship was the Lombok Treaty, which was an agreement on the framework of security cooperation.

The other was to refrain from employing intelligence services that will harm the national interests.

"And then, we will set up the modalities to ensure those commitments are carried out by arranging regular meetings between the foreign affairs ministers or the intelligence officials of the two countries," Marty said.

Previously, Yudhoyono had developed a roadmap with six steps to restore ties with Australia after the wiretapping of the phone lines of the president, the first lady and several other senior state officials was revealed.

The first step in the roadmap to be taken is to commission the minister of foreign affairs or a special envoy to discuss at length sensitive issues related to the Indonesia-Australia relations after diplomatic ties were cut.

Second, after a memorandum of understanding is drawn up and a consensus from both sides is reached, a thorough discussion of the protocol and code of conduct is expected to follow.

Third, Yudhoyono will examine the draft protocol and code of ethics to ensure that the code addressed the issues it is supposed to and adequately responds to Indonesia's concerns in the aftermath of the wiretapping case.

Fourth, once the protocol and the code are prepared, they can be authenticated in the presence of government leaders, with Yudhoyono and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot in attendance.

Fifth, the two countries will prove that the protocol and the code had met the requirements and were implemented.

Sixth, after the two countries, particularly Indonesia, had restored trust and the protocol as well as implemented the code of conduct, the bilateral cooperation that brings mutual benefits, including military and police cooperation between the two countries, can be extended.

Reporter: A Fitriyanti
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