The situation is normal there. Security precaution has been taken."
Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - Conflicts between two tribal groups in the district of Mimika, Papua, did not hamper development of oil palm plantation by PT Pusaka Agro Lestari (PAL) in that area, an official said.

Kuala Kencana police chief First Insp. Syam Ramadhan Putra said here on Tuesday PT PAL continued activities normally.

The conflict between the Moni and Dani tribes in Djayanti-Mayon of Kuala Kencana sub-district was over land right dispute.

The two tribes claim rights over the land around the Kamora and Pindah pindah rivers crossing the Trans Timika-Paniai road near the plantation of PT PAL.

A number of police officers including mobile brigade have been sent to that area to guarantee security for the big investment by PT PAL, Syam said

"The situation is normal there. Security precaution has been taken," he added.

Head of the Mimika forestry office Sahrial said so far PT PAL had cleared around 1,600 hectares of forest areas to be grown with oil palm trees.

Land clearing is carrying out by PT Reksa Rekatama. Part of the forest trees felled by Reksa Rekatama are used as building material for office and houses of the plantation workers and the rest is offered to local timber processing factories.

Sahrial said PT Reksa Rekatama has submitted a proposal to Papua Governor Lukas Enembe in Jayapura to build a timber processing factory in Timika to utilize the trees felled in the plantation areas .

In 2013, PT PAL paid more than Rp3 billion to the forestry ministry including Rp1,151 billion in forest resource royalty and Rp1.976 billion in reforestation fund.

PT PAL received the license from the government to develop oil palm plantation in Mimika over a 39,000 hectare plot of land.

The land plot extends from Kamoro river in the east and Mimika river in the west.

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