Prabowo-Hatta`s campaign team secretary files complaint against

Prabowo-Hatta`s campaign team secretary files complaint against

Fadli Zon. (ANTARA/Reno Esnir)

This violation will be dealt with legally."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Radjasa presidential candidate pairs campaign team secretary, Fadli Zon, has made a report of an alleged slander spread on, an online media in Indonesia.

"Today, we have filed a complained with the Indonesian Police Headquarters about a slander that was directed against me, broadcast by The news had reported that Fadli Zon had given money to some markets," said Fadli here, on Monday.

Fadli noted that the news was published twice on the

"Even the last time I was watching the news, there was an advertorial, which makes it such a mean slander since we never give money," he added.

In addition to the complaint of slander against Fadli Zon, the team will also report allegations of black campaigns on Prabowo-Hatta that were broadcast by Metro TV and published on some books and pamphlets.

"This violation will be dealt with legally," Fadli said.

Regarding the press mechanism, in which any violation by media should be handed to the Press Council before to the legal process, Prabowo-Hatta campaign teams attorney Mahendra Datta said they were confident that criminal motives were behind the case.

"The press should have followed their code of ethics, and in this case they did not, which means that they have not followed Journalistic Law. Hence, we consider Mr. Fadli Zon was right when he made a report to the police," he said.

"If the had acted according to journalists code of ethics, such as cover both side report and confirm, this situation will not have occurred," Mahendra added.

However, Mahendra and his team will discuss the alleged violation of the journalists code of ethics by and Metro TV to the Press Council and Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI).

"Related to the ethic codes is the Press Councils business and KPI, but with regard to criminal case, we have filed a complaint with the police," he stressed.

(Reported by Yuni Arisandy/translated by Azi Fitriyanti/INE/KR-BSR/F001)