President does not want the same thing to happen again."
Cianjur, West Java (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will meet the president-elect from the 2014 election after the Constitutional Court issues its verdict, according to Presidential Special Staff of Political Communication Daniel Sparringa.

"President Yudhoyono will be able to talk to the president-elect after the Constitutional Court issues its verdict," said Daniel, at the Cipanas Presidential Palace in Cianjur, West Java, on Saturday.

Daniel noted that President Yudhoyono has no negative sentiments to convey to the president-elect, who is working to prepare for assuming the presidency during the transition period.

President Yudhoyono will leave office after the president-elect is inaugurated on October 20, 2014.

Daniel also said President Yudhoyono noted that there was no similar access during his transition after he was elected in 2004.

"President does not want the same thing to happen again," he said.

Previously, President Yudhoyono expected the transition process for the next president would run smoothly, so it could be a smooth succession and create a tradition for the future.

"The transition to the next government is needed and a good thing," said Yudhoyono in Jakarta, on Monday, Aug 4.

President Yudhoyono also confirmed that the transition process of the old and new government had been presented to him.

But, Yudhoyono emphasized it could only begin after the Constitutional Court issued a verdict about the presidential election dispute.

"I can be proactive afterward, so that the transition can be held," he said.

On July 22, the General Elections Commission officially announced that the Jokowi-JK pair had won the 2014 presidential elections.

The Jokowi-JK pair received 53.15 percent of the votes, while Prabowo Subianto-Hatta Rajasa pair saw 46.85 percent.

However, Prabowo had rejected the result and alleged massive fraud had occurred during the elections, announcing his withdrawal from the election process.

On July 25, the Prabowo-Hatta pair filed a lawsuit at the Constitutional Court, challenging the presidential election result.

According to the law, the Constitutional Court must issue a verdict no later than August 21, 2014.***1***


Reporting by Muhammad Razi Rahman

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