Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta Police is monitoring the cyber world to track the developments of the radical group called the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"We are patrolling the cyber world to monitor the ISIS networks in Indonesia," Adjunct Senior Commissioner Hilarius Duha, the Jakarta Polices Cyber Crime sub-directorate head, stated here on Tuesday.

The monitoring was crucial to detect any spread of the ideology or teachings banned by the Indonesian government, he added.

The results of cyber patrolling will be presented to the National Police for further study on ISIS, he stated.

The Jakarta Police has also sent security officers and intelligence agents to detect the likely presence of ISIS members, he noted.

A public campaign was also carried out to increase public awareness of the dangers of ISIS, he added.

Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Dwi Priyatno recently urged the public to be vigilant because ISIS is a radical organization.

Indonesian Police Chief General Sutarman recently reported that an Indonesian national who had called on Muslims to join ISIS in a video broadcast on YouTube was a fugitive terrorist.

"The Indonesian police have been following the move to call on the people to join the organization (ISIS). We have identified the person whose initial is B. He is our fugitive," he added.

The Indonesian national who had appeared on an eight-minute-long video in the YouTube broadcast under the title "Join the Rank" had been on the polices wanted list, he affirmed.

The man called himself "Abu Muhammad al-Indonesia," he stated, adding that the Indonesian police will take legal action against anyone involved in unlawful activities.

Sutarman emphasized that the Indonesian people should not be influenced by the calls for supporting ISIS. Instead, they have been urged to take proactive steps to halt the dangerous move that can threaten the unity of the Indonesian people.


Editor: Aditia Maruli Radja
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