... we also build wind and water power plants to generate electricity ..."
Ambon, Maluku (ANTARA News) - A biomass power plant and an agroforestry zone will be set up in South Buru district, Maluku, Director of PT Binatek Energi Terbarukan stated here on Thursday.

The plan to develop the renewable energy power plant was initiated after a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked between the Governor of Maluku Said Assagaff, District Head of South Buru Tagop Sudarsono Soulissa, and PT Binatek Energi Terbarukan, a private company working in the field of developing renewable energy power plants.

PT Binatek Energi Terbarukan also signed an MoU with the state-owned electricity company, PT PLN, in Maluku on the supply of electricity from the biomass power plant in South Buru.

Erwin stated that as a national company involved in the development of renewable energy, Binatek was roped in to tackle the issue of fuel scarcity and price hike by replacing fuel oil with biomass resources such as wood and grass.

"Besides biomass, we also build wind and water power plants to generate electricity, especially in islands areas to encourage economic growth," he affirmed.

Binatek Energi Terbarukan is also working with GE Corporation to supply electricity in order to achieve self-sufficiency in islands and villages.

"We are ready to cooperate with the district and other city administrations in Maluku in terms of developing renewable energy power plants, either biomass, water, or wind, according to the potential in each area," Erwin noted.

The Maluku governor responded positively to the cooperation between the South Buru administration and PT Binatek Energi Terbarukan to develop alternative sources of generating electricity to address the dependence on diesel power plants.

"I expect the other eight districts and two cities in Maluku could follow the MoU signed by South Buru district to meet 60 percent of the electricity demands of the people living in the other 1,034 islands," he remarked.

Moreover, of the 60 percent of the 1,034 inhabited islands, only 50 percent of them have access to electricity.

It is expected that PT Binatek Energi Terbarukan can immediately commence the development of the biomass power plant, the governor added.

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