It needs only to be facilitated with various types of supporting infrastructure."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former Indonesian Military chief Agus Suhartono said maritime axis already took form for a long time in the country.

Oceangoing ships take their routes via Indonesian waters, in the confluence of two big oceans the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, Agus said here on Friday.

"It needs only to be facilitated with various types of supporting infrastructure," he said after an informal talk on "Developing Indonesia as a world maritime axis."

He said security and convenience become important for ships using the sea lanes in the Indonesian waters.

"For that purpose various types of infrastructure would be needed , otherwise no ships would use the lanes," he added.

Port for landing and berthing , clean water, piloting facility , skilled crewmen , shopping centers, and up to date information system are all important for convenient shipping, he said.

With its geographical position it is natural that Indonesia should have the characteristics of a maritime country both economically and politically, he said.

Indonesia should be able to take advantage of the geographical position, he added.

Hasto Kristianto, deputy chairman of the Team of Transitional Administration of Jokowi and vice president elect Jusuf Kalla (JK), said the country needs strength in diplomacy to bring to reality Jokowis vision of making Indonesia a world maritime axis.

Hasto said amid growing competition for regional control in the Pacific a maritime axis doctrine is needed to take advantage of the rivalry between big regional powers China, the United States, Russia and India in the region.

"We need to emerge as a maritime power and to be reckoned with internationally because of our strategic position," he said.

He said Jokowi would raise the issue at the coming APEC summit meeting when meeting with US President Barack Obama and other world leaders.

He said consolidation and support from all parties are needed to bring to reality the idea of Indonesia becoming world maritime axis.

He said as a maritime country Indonesia needs to build a defense system, to protect its sea resources from illegal operations such as illegal fishing .

The existing technology should be used to help the countrys fishermen improve their welfare, he said.

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