Indonesian govt supports national defense industry: Ministry

Indonesian govt supports national defense industry: Ministry

Purnomo Yusgiantoro. (ANTARA/Eric Ireng)

Subang, West Java (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro stated that the government has been supporting the national defense industry to become self-sufficient through several programs that have been initiated since 2010.

The main program is establishing the Committee of Defense Industry Policy, which is in charge of coordinating and synergizing the domestic potential, Purnomo stated at the 25th Defense Research and Development Communication Forum held here recently.

The committee has seven national programs, such as manufacturing of fighter aircrafts, submarines, rockets, missiles, radars, propellants, and tanks.

"Through the self-sufficiency of the defense industry, in 2022, we will no longer need to purchase fighter aircrafts, such as Sukhoi, from foreign countries," he noted.

The committee has also prepared a road map for the national defense industry and has been coaching the industry.

With regard to the propellant industry, which will be built in the Energetic Material Center of Indonesian state-owned company PT DAHANA, Purnomo stated that the industry will bring positive impacts to the national research and development fields.

PT DAHANA works in the field of strategic industry offering integrated explosive services for oil and gas, general mining, and quarry and construction sectors.

The cooperation between PT DAHANA and the Ministry of Defense includes human resources development, as well as joint research and technology development for explosives and propellants.

The Energetic Material Center is located in Subang, West Java, and has such facilities as offices, warehouses, laboratories, and manufactories, including a facility for propellant production.