Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia, Oct. 14, 2014 (ANTARA) -- Bali Indonesia Medika Citra (BIMC) Hospital, Nusa Dua, Bali, is pleased to announce that it is awarded an international accreditation by Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI).

"The quality and safety are the keys to be successfully accredited. The quality undoubtedly translates as the humanity aspects, which are broken down to the patient secrecy and satisfaction, and everything in between," said the Executive Director of International Business, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International, Desmond Yen, after handing over the accreditation plaque to the representatives of BIMC Nusa Dua, in Badung Regency, on Oct. 9.

The accreditation allows the medical tourism hospital to be the only hospital in Indonesia and the second in Asia to be internationally accredited.

Mr. Yen continues that BIMC successfully fulfilled a number of strict standards with 47 criteria imposed by ACHSI.

The accreditation process run since June 2014 was implemented with a number of stringent criteria, such as the patient service and treatment, the patient medical record, the hospital governance including the staff training and the comprehensive multi-disciplinary team work (doctors, nurses, and patients), the patient disease identification, well-established communication with the patients, the medical management system, the procedure implementation, the hospital infrastructures and environment, and the hospital management, which all lead to the realization of the quality and safe health care.

The Executive Leader of BIMC Siloam Hospitals Group Bali, Craig Beveridge, conveyed that the accreditation is the first in 2014 for hospitals in Indonesia.

In addition to providing the best patient service and the health care, BIMC also strengthens the human capital working in the local hospitals, both the physicians and nurses.

"The training and education for physicians and nurses are keys to establish high-quality hospitals. Without them, it would be useless," Mr. Beveridge asserted.

To optimize the medical force, BIMC also brought in the technical advisors from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to train the physicians in the emergency state.

Aside from providing the medical training to 25 general practitioners and specialists in a number of local hospitals, BIMC also provided the first aid training to the tourist police and the hotel staff.

CEO of BIMC Siloam Hospitals Group Bali, Dr. Donna Moniaga, said that as the hospital is successfully accredited, it's expected that it can further help Bali becomes one of the leading global medical tourism destinations both for the domestic and international tourists.

This achievement also aims to give another reference of health care for the Indonesian citizens who normally prefer seeking treatment to the neighboring countries like Singapore. Not to mention, most of the international tourists visiting Bali are Australians who averagely reach dozens of thousands tourists every week.

"So, for the patients who really need the medical treatment and the elective procedure, BIMC Nusa Dua is the best alternative providing the international-standard health care on par with those in Australia or Singapore."

The accreditation handover ceremony was witnessed by the Expert Staff of Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Syamsul Lussa, Ambassador of Australia, Greg Moriarty, and Ambassador of New Zealand, David Taylor, as well as a number of tourism and hospitality industry professionals.

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