Electronic games may trigger bullying: KPAI

Electronic games may trigger bullying: KPAI

KPAI (ANTARANews/Grafis)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia Commission for Child Protection (KPAI) has warned of the dangers of electronic games for children saying that they may also trigger cases of bullying.

"The spread of information and technology has affected the younger generation, both in a positive and negative manner," Susanto, the KPAI head of information division, stated here on Tuesday.

According to him, children may be incited to imitate violent acts depicted in various games that they may come across in the cyber world, thereby leading to bullying cases.

"Children, especially those who have been addicted to violent-themed games, can be dangerous to both themselves and to others," he emphasized.

He noted that electronic games can now be easily accessed and obtained by children through smart phones, tablets, and consoles.

The games carrying violent content also offer varying levels of difficulty that range from low to medium and high.

In view of that, Susanto called on the government to take firm action to stop the spread of electronic games that carry violent content and to immediately issue a policy involving all stakeholders, including businessmen, artists, technologists, academicians, and students, to jointly develop creative games that contain educational content.

"This may be part of the solution due to the limited number of educational games now. Unless we immediately act, we may lose our future generation," he remarked.

A recent video footage showing an elementary school child being bullied and hit in a classroom in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, triggered widespread shock in the country.

Reporting by Anom Prihantoro