Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) said it surveys found many of the new members of Parliament have bad records.

"At least 242 of them are suspected of being involved in criminal cases and violation of human rights before they won the parliamentary seats," deputy chairman of the non governmental organization Farah Fathurrami said here on Tuesday.

Farah said 57 of them are from PDIP which won the largest parliamentary seats, 44 from Golkar the second largest party, 37 from Democratic Party, 24 from Gerindra, 20 from PPP, 18 from PKS, 16 from PAN, 11 from PKB and 9 from Nasdem.

Based on a survey by Kontras most or at least 160 of them were involved or implicated in corruption cases, he said.

"Five of them -- Achmad Dimyati Matakusumah, Rachmat Hidayat, Mukhamad Misbakhun, Azam Azman Natawijana and Krisna Mukti, were indicted in corruption cases although finally acquitted," he said.

He said that the legislators with the bad record are feared to have taken part in designing regulations to lead the countrys democracy to the system adopted by the New Order era.

He referred to the recent revision of the regional elections with provincial governors and leaders of lower government administrations elected by the regional legislative assemblies instead of directly by the people.

After ten years adopting direct elections by the people, the parliament, amend the election law that gave the right to elect regional leaders to the regional legislative assemblies.

The revision that has triggered a big controversy has been initiated and supported by the coalition that dominates the parliament.

A number of political parties and non governmental organizations have brought the case to the Constitutional Court seeking judicial review.

"There is no other choice for the people that continuing to guard the process of democracy. The law enforces should be bolder and firmer in dealing with corruption and violation of human rights," he said.


Editor: Ella Syafputri
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