Shicheng Village in Wuyuan County - China's Most Popular Tourism Destination for Enjoying Maple Leaves

Shicheng Village in Wuyuan County - China's Most Popular Tourism Destination for Enjoying Maple Leaves

(ANTARA/PRNewswire/Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd.)

WUYUAN, China, Nov. 18, 2014 (ANTARA/PRNewswire) --In November, the fiery red maple leaves and morning mist hanging over the blazing red colors of the Chinaberry trees and the golden yellow hues of the ginkgoes, these surreal natural landscapes have transformed Shicheng Village in Wuyuan County into a fairyland. The site has won the title of as "China's Most Popular Maple Tourism Destination." The autumn scenery has been attracting nearly 10,000 people to Wuyuan every weekend since the end of October.

Wuyuan County, a part of Jiangxi Province, is located in the eastern part of China. Thanks to its sound natural ecology and long historic heritage, the area is regarded as "the Most Beautiful Country in China." It has long been known as a place for admiring the beauty of the region's flowers in bloom in spring, water sports in summer, taking in the splendor of the red maples in autumn and enjoying the area's traditions and folklore in winter. Of all of the attractions, it is the red maple leaves in autumn that receive the most attention by local tourists as well as by visitors who come from afar to witness their unique beauty. The landscape that contrasts the traditional white-walled dwellings adorned with black tiles with the forest of red maple as a backdrop has been a magnet for many amateur photographers and tourists who flock to the village every year. Shicheng Village has frequently been named as the "Most Popular Tourism Destination for Enjoying Maple Leaves in China" and "Paradise for Amateur Photographers" by the Chinese press.

With the anticipated legions of photography buffs that will soon be visiting the village and snapping pictures of the red maple leaves and surrounding landscapes, Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd. will be soon kicking off a tourism campaign themed - "Take in the beauty of our hometown - be among the one of many to enjoy autumn in Wuyuan." The campaign consists of several planned events including autumn tours, a camping party, a viewing of village films, a photography contest and autumn sports meets in the area's most famous maple villages of Shicheng, Jiangling and Yantian.

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