Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Consumption of non-subsidized gasoline pertamax has increased by some 137 percent since the subsidized fuel price hikes.

State-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina recorded that consumption in the past week has increased to 5,200 kiloliters per day, the companys Vice President for Marketing and Distribution, Suhartoko, said here on Wednesday.

"It has risen by 137 percent from the use of around 2,200 kiloliters per day before the price hike," he affirmed.

Suhartoko added that as people gradually begin to enjoy using pertamax, its consumption is expected to continue to increase and surpass the 5,200 kiloliters per day use in the future.

He also predicted that the consumption of subsidized oils will remain above the quota set in the revised 2014 budget.

"The deadline will, perhaps, be extended from the earlier set date of December 22 to December 24, and there will be a reduction of some 160,000 kiloliters," he stated.

Suhartoko further noted that the hike in pertamax consumption must be accompanied by additional imports because its production in Pertaminas oil refineries will not suffice.

He pointed out that at present, the stock of subsidized gasoline is still enough to meet the demand for 18 days of consumption, while the stock of pertamax will be sufficient for 49 days.

Moreover, there is enough diesel fuel stock for 21 days, kerosene stock for 72 days, avtur for 29 days, pertamax plus for 45 days, and pertamax dex for 75 days.

The government recently announced fuel price hikes by raising the prices of subsidized gasoline to Rp8.5 thousand per liter from Rp6.5 thousand and that of subsidized diesel oil to Rp7.5 thousand per liter from Rp5.5 thousand.

Furthermore, President Jokowi emphasized that the fuel subsidy diversion was necessary to improve the welfare of the people across the country.(*)

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