JAKARTA, Dec 5, 2014 - (ANTARA) - Mahendra Suhardono, Marketing Director of Bio Farma, has been re-elected as DCVMN President for 2014 - 2016 at the 15th Annual General Meeting of DCVMN / Developing Country Vaccine Manufacturers Network, held in New Delhi, India, on 27 - 29 October 2014. The 15th Annual DCVMN Meeting was attended by members, 42 developing country vaccine manufacturers from 16 countries, as well as global health organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiative), and BMGF (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

"This year we are committed to supporting programs which encourage more vaccines to be produced in developing countries, with good quality in compliance with the WHO standards, and at affordable prices. DCVMN also encourages vaccine manufacturers to secure and maintain the supply of vaccines for global necessities, in particular vaccines that are in desperate need by developing countries," said Mahendra Suhardono.

"Developing countries that have large populations must be prepared in the face of the emergence of new diseases, therefore DCVMN prioritizes vaccine development, among others, of Pentavalent / Hexavalent Vaccines, Pneumococcal Conjugate, Rotavirus, Typhoid Conjugate, Human Papilloma, Measles / Rubella and Inactivated Polio Vaccines."

Global Health Security

Iskandar, President Director of Bio Farma, added, "The Management of Bio Farma is proud of the re-election of Mahendra Suhardono as the president of DCVMN for a second period, and the firm election of a candidate from the vaccine manufacturing representatives of a wide range of countries, such as Brazil, China, India, South Africa. Moreover, DCVMN was initially established in Bandung.

"With this trust, encourage us to continue innovating in order to handle the development of new disease patterns, which continuously arise. The obligation is to eradicate infectious diseases, not just the obligation of any single country, so that our fellow Members of DCVMN complement each other in order to maintain the availability and supply of vaccines. The requirement for sufficient vaccines has yet to be met by one company, given the considerable needs. Members of the DCVMN need mutual support for the provision of vaccines for Global Health Security."

* DCVMN Member Country Information: Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, Viet Nam, South Korea, Iran

* DCVMN 15th Annual General Meeting: http://www.dcvmn.org/event/dcvmn-15th-annual-general-meeting


DCVMN is a voluntary public health driven alliance of vaccine manufacturers from developing countries that aims to make a consistent supply of high quality vaccines that are accessible to protect people against known and emerging infectious diseases globally. For more information, please visit www.dcvmn.org.

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Since its establishment in 1890, PT Bio Farma (Persero) has been active in supplying high quality vaccines and serum for people. Currently, Bio Farma is among the largest vaccines manufacturers and suppliers in the world. The need for EPI vaccines in Indonesia has been supplied solely by Bio Farma.

Bio Farma has existed for a century and proven its strength and experience world wide. The company has also grown and developed to become a vaccine and serum manufacturer of international reputation. This can be seen from its qualifications and ability to acquire WHO prequalification for all of its EPI Vaccine products. For more information, please visit www.biofarma.co.id.


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