Indonesian Ulema Council condemns attack on Charlie Hebdo`s office

Indonesian Ulema Council condemns attack on Charlie Hebdo`s office

KH Muhyidin Junaidi. (

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has condemned the killing of 12 people, including several journalists and police officers, in a firefight at Charlie Hebdos office in France at 11:30 a.m. (2 p.m. CET) on Wednesday (Jan. 7).

"MUI condemns the killing of the members of the media in France as it is against humanitarian and Islamic values," MUIs Foreign Affairs and International Relations Chairman Muhyidin Junaidi said here on Thursday.

He remarked that the perpetrators of the deadly attack did not represent the Muslim community as a whole although they reportedly recited "Allahu akbar" before firing.

Muhyidin stated that Muslims had no right to kill anyone.

"We object to the content of Charlie Hebdo, although they are published on the basis of freedom of expression. But, it was not right to protest against the content of the French satirical weekly by murdering people. Their action goes against Islamic values because protests can be registered within the realm of law," he explained.

Islam propagates the limits of expression. "Islam mentions a limit to express something especially about the Prophet," he noted.

Earlier, the Indonesian Embassy in France urged Indonesian citizens there to remain cautious while visiting media offices, shopping centers, and other public places.

Political Attach' at the Indonesian Embassy in France Minister Consular Arifi Saiman told Antara here on Wednesday evening that a notice was issued following the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdos office in Paris.

The attach also urged parents to monitor their childrens whereabouts to ensure their safety.

Arifi appealed to the people to remain cautious while visiting houses of worship, tourism spots, and other places and also while using public transportation facilities.

The Embassy in Paris coordinated with the local police to ascertain whether there was any Indonesian victim in the shooting incident.

"Alhamdulillah, there has been no Indonesian casualty," Arifi stated.

The French government has declared the highest security threat status for Ile-de-France (Paris and its surrounding areas).

The Indonesian Embassy has also provided emergency hotline numbers: +33(0)145030760 (fixed line) and +33(0)621122109 (mobile) for round-the-clock service.

An Indonesian student in Paris Ade Kadarisman suggested that Indonesian citizens should avoid visiting Elysees and surrounding areas.

According to Ade, the situation in Paris on Wednesday evening was tense after the attack on the media office that killed 12 people.

Ade has also advised Indonesian students to stay away from places in District 11 (11 eme arrondisement) area and other public places, and to always keep track of information provided by the Indonesian Embassy.

Ade has appealed to Indonesian students to remain calm, cautious, and to not overreact during the next few days.

Former president of France Sarkozy has declared the incident as a "national tragedy.