Tourist arrivals in Bali reached 3.76 million in 2014

Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - The provincial tourism office of Bali revealed that 3.76 million tourists visited the island in 2014, an increase of 14.94 percent as compared to last years recorded number of 3.27 million tourists.

"The number has exceeded the governments target, which was set at 3.5 million visits," a Bali tourism observer Tjok Gede Agung said here on Monday.

He noted that the target to attract 4 million tourists to Bali in 2015 can be realized due to the free visa policy for several potential countries such as Australia, China, Russia, South Korea, and Japan.

According to him, Bali will continue to be the main tourism destination for foreign tourists.

Gede remarked that every month at least 310 thousand tourists visit Bali, with majority of them hailing from Australia, reaching 991,024 or 26.30 percent of the total number of visitors in a year.

China ranked second, with 586,197 tourists visiting Bali during 2014, and Malaysia stood third, with as many as 224,962 tourists.