Zulkifli Hasan the new PAN chairman

Zulkifli Hasan the new PAN chairman

Hatta Rajasa and Zulkifli Hasan. (www.antaranews.com/Ardika/graphics)

... Zulkifli's victory over Hatta Rajasa to LEAD PAN indicated that the internal cadres of the party want to make a change...
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The National Mandate Party (PAN), during its fourth congress in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Sunday night, elected Zulkifli Hasan as the party's chairman for the 2015-2020 period.

Of the 582 total votes, Zulkifli garnered 292 votes to defeat his rival candidate Hatta Rajasa who won 286 votes while four others were declared abstention.

Heri Bidianto, a political observer at the Polcomm Institute, opined that the election of Zulkifli through voting as the chairman of PAN showed that the party cadres wanted a change.

"In my opinion, Zulkifli's victory over Hatta Rajasa to lead PAN indicated that the internal cadres of the party want to make a change," the Polcomm Institute politician stated in a text message here on Monday.

Hari noted that the jargon used by Zulkifli Hasan to bring about changes in the PAN partys structure managed to draw the sympathy of voters, and his victory showed the superiority and influence of the partys key figure, Amien Rais.

He said Amien Rais, who garnered support for Zulkifli Hasan, was considered capable of destabilizing support to Hatta Rajasa.

"I see that Amien Rais had offered total support to Zulkifli Hasan, and even during his speech, he 'attacked' Hatta Rajasa," Hari remarked.

He opined that this time, the election of PAN's leader reflects a change in the mechanism of acclamation to voting, which demonstrates the political partys greater maturity to build internal democracy.

PAN is open to all elements of the society, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or religion.

According to the party's website, PAN strives for the sovereignty of the people, social justice, and a better life for the people to bring about an Indonesian nation that is prosperous, developed, independent, and dignified.

It also wants to realize good and clean governance that protects the people and brings prosperity, and to see a united, sovereign nation. The party is keen to play a part in implementing world order based on independence, eternal peace, and social justice, and wants Indonesians to be respected in the international community.