Cilacap, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Two warships KRI Diponegoro-365 and KRI Lambung Mangkurat-374 are currently on stand-by in the waters of Cilacap in Central Java ahead of the planned executions of the death convicts.

The two ships anchored at Pier I of Tanjung Intan port in Cilacap, on Monday, to collect supplies before returning to patrol the southern waters between Central Java and Bali.

KRI Diponegoro Commander Lt Col Daru Cahyo Sumirat stated that the two ships conducted patrolling between the Cilacap waters and Denpasar as part of the Perisai Nusa (Archipelago Shield) operation.

"A Perisai Nusa operation is a sea combat-ready operation to protect the borders especially under the control of the Eastern Fleet starting from Cilacap to Papua," he noted.

He explained that KRI Diponegoro and KRI Lambung Mangkurat had arrived at Tanjung Intan to collect logistics and fuel before returning to conduct operations in the waters around Cilacap until further orders from their commanders.

When questioned about the connection of the arrivals of the ships and the planned executions of the death row drug convicts, he revealed that the operations were carried out according to the sectors and were not specifically aimed at securing the executions, and their main purpose was securing the borders.

"If we are ordered to carry out additional tasks such as providing security during the planned executions, we are ready. For the time being, our position is in Cilacap, and we are waiting for further orders with regard to the execution plan, which may come in the next one or two days time," he remarked.

Daru said KRI Diponegoro has 90 personnel on board, while KRI Lambung Mangkurat is carrying 60 personnel with the required arms and equipment.

He noted that the Perisai Nusa operation in the Eastern Indonesian waters stretched from Cilacap to Papua.

"We have been assigned to patrol between Cilacap and Denpasar. The operation is carried out every day, and soon after refueling is done, we are back in the sea," he stated.

He said KRI Diponegoro carries weapons including a 76-millimeter caliber cannon manufactured in Italy with a range of 100 kilometers, anti-aircraft radar, and two 20-millimeter caliber cannons.

Reporting by Sumarwoto

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