This is devastating."
Jayapura (ANTARA News) - International non-governmental organization devoted to nature conservation, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), is concerned about the bird of paradise (Paradisaeidae) trade that is prevalent in Papua.

The bird of paradise is traded as a souvenir of a preserved animal even though the bird, which is locally known as cendrawasih, is on the verge of extinction, Director of WWFs Papua Program Benja Victor Mambai said here on Friday.

"The trading of this bird has increased as people visiting Papua want a preserved cendrawasih as a souvenir. This is devastating," he remarked.

According to Mambai, if the trade and practice of giving preserved cendrawasihs continue, it will provoke people to keep hunting the bird of paradise.

"This is saddening because cendrawasih is a protected animal and Papuans are very proud having this beautiful bird," Mambai stated, adding that hunting the bird will soon lead to it vanishing.

He hopes people never give a preserved cendrawasih as a souvenir to anyone, such as the one that is placed on the traditional Papuan hat.

"The hunting of the bird of paradise threatens its existence. We must put an end to it right away," Mambai emphasized.

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