What is important is they registered themselves to be ready for the Pilkada."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - An executive of the Golkar party under Agung Laksono said letters naming the party candidates to contest the elections for regional leaders (Pilkada) are valid only if signed by the leaders of the party recognized by the government.

The statement by Leo Nababan, a member of the central executive board (DPP) of the party under Agung Laksono, is tantamount to saying candidates of the rival party under Aburizal Bakrie would not be valid without approval by the party leaders under Agung Laksono.

The government through the minister of justice and human rights has given recognition to Golkar under Agung Laksono.

The State Administrative Court (PTUN), however, has ordered for the withdrawal of the decision recognizing Agung Laksonos Golkar.

Agung Laksono and the ministry, however, appealed to a higher court that the final legal decision is yet to be heard that may take a long time until the Pilkada is over.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla, who was former general chairman of the party, is seeking to mediate the rivalry hoping to bring leaders of the two groups to a reconciliation before the Pilkada in December.

Golkar is risking missing the next Pilkada if the rivals failed to reconcile.

"At a meeting with Jusuf Kalla, we maintained the position that the one to sign the candidacy are leaders of the party recognized by the minister of justice and human rights," Leo said here on Tuesday.

He said at least five official institutions had made assessment of the central executive boards of Golkar -- the Central Jakarta District Court, The West Jakarta District Court, the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, The Golkar partys tribunal, and the State Administrative Court (PTUN).

None of the five institutions has said a word indicating recognition for Golkar under Aburizal Bakrie is valid, he added.

"On the other hand two institutions -- the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, and the Golkar partys tribunal recognized Golkar under Agung Laksono," Leo Nababan argued.

Earlier Aburizal Bakrie said the reconciliation he was seeking is to focus on allowing the party to take part in Pilkada.

He said the reconciliation is to find candidates acceptable to both sides to contest the elections for provincial governors and district leaders.

The General Election Committee (KPU) has said it would stick to regulation that a political party allowed to take part in elections is the one recognized by the government.

KPU, however, may not maintain its position against the court decisions to accept only candidates from Agung Laksonos Golkar.

It had indicated that Golkar, which has the second largest number of seat at Parliament could miss the coming Pilkada if the opposing groups failed to reconcile.

Aburizal suggested that hopefuls start registering at the KPU in their respective regions or districts and the final candidates would be selected by the central executive board of the party later.

"What is important is they registered themselves to be ready for the Pilkada," he said, adding "hopefuls could start registering now."

Asked about the mechanism of reconciliation, Aburizal said Vice President Jusuf Kalla has made contact with Agung Laksono to discuss possible reconciliation.

"This is an interim agreement ahead of Pilkada. The legal case would continue in process," he said.

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