Abbas doesn`t have the right to make any reshuffle to any government alone ..."
Ramallah (ANTARA News) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has consulted with Hamas on forming a new unity government, and he is determined that the next administration should abide by the political platform of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), a senior official said on Saturday (June 20).

The official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the Palestinian leader intends to form a more broader-based unity government that adopts the political attitudes of the PLO.

"According to the new political orientation, it is possible to agree with Hamas on forming a unity government that is able to confront the upcoming challenges and carry on towards ending the internal Palestinian split," said the official.

On Monday, Abbas is scheduled to chair a meeting of the PLO Executive Committee in the West Bank city of Ramallah to discuss the formation of a new Palestinian unity government.

The premier of the consensus government Rami Hamdallah will attend the meeting. Hamdallahs consensus government resigned on Wednesday, waiting for Mondays meeting to decide on the new government.

Meanwhile, Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas spokesman in Gaza, said his movement was informed about what Abbas has to offer on the next government, and that his movement has rejected the proposal.

"There are no official contacts with Hamas on forming a new government, except one only contact where the movement was informed about Abbas offer to form a larger unity government," Abu Zuhri told Xinhua.

He went on saying that "this offers is rejected," adding "Abbas doesnt have the right to make any reshuffle to any government alone, but in accordance with the Palestinian factions, including Hamas."

Abu Zuhri complained that Abbas has not consulted or coordinated with Hamas on any step related to a new government, adding that "our position is clear that any changes have to be made in coordination with the factions."

Hamas movement is not part of the PLO, and has also refused to follow the organizations key political platform, including the recognition of the state of Israel.

Amind Maqbool, secretary general of Abbas Fatah Partys revolutionary council, responded by saying Hamas has the right to reject or not to accept PLOs political platform.

"I believe that Hamas rejection to President Abbas is part of Hamas policy to escape from ending the internal division and topple the efforts of achieving reconciliation to keep its grip on the Gaza Strip," said Maqbool.

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