Indonesia to boost exports to Czech Republic

Indonesia to boost exports to Czech Republic

Photo document of export commodities at Makassar Port, South Sulawesi. (ANTARA/Dewi Fajriani)

We framed a strategy to strengthen the penetration of Indonesian export products in the Czech Republic."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia has decided to increase exports to the Czech Republic, according to an Indonesian diplomat.

Currently, the total value of trade between the two countries is US$260.51 million, with Indonesia recording a deficit of US$90.65 million.

"We are determined to increase Indonesian exports to the Czech Republic. It is our commitment to be able to earn a surplus," Head of the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) in Budapest Hikmat Rijadi said in a press release received here on Tuesday.

The trade value between Indonesia and the Czech Republic reached US$260.51 million, while Indonesian exports to the Czech Republic reached a new record of US$84.93 million. Its imports amounted to US$175.58 million.

To gain more surplus, ITPC Budapest cooperated with the Indonesian Embassy in Prague to participate in the 2015 Export Festival held at the Prague Congress Center, Czech Republic, on June 17 and 18.

At the event, Indonesia showcased some of its leading products such as crude palm oil, tea, coffee, cocoa, health products, palm sugar, spa products, glue, batik, food products and beverages, leather bags, cables, and gloves, as well as Indonesian tourism.

"We framed a strategy to strengthen the penetration of Indonesian export products in the Czech Republic. The goal is to establish business cooperation as well as provide the latest information to prospective importers," Rijadi stated.

In addition, Indonesian Ambassador to the Czech Republic Aulia Aman Rachmat affirmed that economic diplomacy was carried out to support Indonesian exports.

"The Indonesian Embassys participation in the 2015 Export Festival in Prague was part of its economic diplomacy to support the vision and mission of the Indonesian government to improve economic growth and export opportunities as much as possible," Rachmat explained.

Moreover, Indonesias participation in the two-day event gained it at least 30 demands for the displayed products such as sugar, dried fruits, cocoa powder, spices, cable products, mining and mineral goods, cosmetics, instant noodles, coffee, batik and tourism, bringing in transaction potential of US$500 thousand.

The 2015 Export Festival is an annual event, and this was Indonesias third year in participating in it. The exhibition this year was attended by more than 24 countries, mostly non-European, including Indonesia.