TAIPEI, July 23, 2015 (Antara/PRNewswire) -- In partnership with China Mobile Hong Kong, Taisys' slimduet® platform now offers "Mainland China-Hong Kong 1-Card-2-Number" voice and data service plan. Cross-border travelers no longer need to purchase individual prepaid SIM for mainland China and for Hong Kong. Through the slimduet® APP, traveler can purchase and download this service plan with both a mainland China and a Hong Kong number embedded. Both numbers are on standby at all times and charges from each number are deducted from the same account balance.

According to statistics, approximately 600,000 cross-border travel between mainland China and Hong Kong occurs on a daily basis. Frequent travel incurs high roaming charges, and in order to lower costs, travelers opt for switching between two local SIM cards. Not only are SIM cards easily lost during the swap, accounts need to be recharged individually, and you run the risk of missing important calls and having service terminated if you forget to recharge your account in time.

To better serve travelers who cross-border between mainland China and Hong Kong, Taisys is launching the "Mainland China-Hong Kong 1-Card-2-Number" service. By subscribing to the plan through the slimduet APP, you will acquire two numbers -- one for mainland China and another one for Hong Kong. Charges to both numbers will be deducted from the same account and both numbers are on standby with its roaming capability. Regardless of your location, voice calls and SMS can be received on either number, allowing you to never miss family communication or business opportunities.

Conventionally, mobile operators provide international roaming services only for their own subscribers and at an expensive rate. slimduet® allows customer to attach slimduet's thin SIM onto their original SIM card, and customer can download voice and data service plans of different countries through the slimduet® APP. One SIM can be loaded with multiple numbers and compatible on both Android and iOS devices. With slimduet's® unique thin SIM, users need not worry about losing the original SIM card when switching to local prepaid SIM.

Taisys made the "Mainland China-Hong Kong 1-Card-2-Number" service available on the slimduet® platform from July 13th. To purchase slimduet® thin SIM, please visit slimduet's® website at

*Adhering to Chinese telecommunications regulation, the package above is not available in mainland China.

Lotus Lin

Reporter: PR Wire
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