Residents of Surabaya protest against Majapahit Coalition

Surabaya, E Java (ANTARA News) - A large number of residents of Surabaya staged a rally outside the joint secretariat of the Majapahit Coalition here on Friday as it has yet to nominate a candidate for the mayoral election in December.

"The Majapahit Coalition, which has 29 seats in the Surabaya Legislative Council, is intentionally taking the election hostage. We must fight it," Agustinus, one of the demonstrators, said.

The protestors, who claimed to be members of the United Surabaya Volunteers, held a similar rally in front of the office of the Surabaya Election Commission next to the Golkar Partys office, which houses the joint secretariat of the Majapahit Coalition.

Surabaya does not belong to one person, and there is no single candidate for the December 2015 mayoral election, Agustinus pointed out.

"Surabaya does not belong to one person but to all of us," he added.

The Majapahit Coalition comprises six political parties --the Democratic Party, the Great Indonesia Movement Party, the National Awakening Party, the Prosperous Justice Party, the Golkar Party, and the National Mandate Party. It will contest against the incumbent mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini, who was nominated by the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle.(*)