Soon after being elected through the brief election, Nasir said he will try to build the Muhammadiyah as a dynamic organization in order to become more advanced and modern in the mission changes.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Only in ten minute-election process involving 13 formators, Muhammadiyah as one of the countrys major Muslim organizations successfully elected its new executive board general chairman Dr Haedar Nashir during its congress in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

Haedar Nashir who was born in Bandung, West Java Province on July 14, 1963 and is currently a senior lecturer in the Muhammadiyah University in Yogyakarta, will lead the modern Muslim organization for the period of 2015-2020, election committee chairman Dahlan Rais said in Makassar on Thursday night.

Haedar Nashir replaces his predecessor Prof Din Syamsuddin who served as the Muhammadiyah general chairman for two periods.

During its 47th national congress, which began on August 3 to 7, Muhammadiyah has formulate a new agenda for the next five years as earlier expected by its two-term chairman, Din Syamsuddin.

Soon after being elected through the brief election, Nasir said he will try to build the Muhammadiyah as a dynamic organization in order to become more advanced and modern in the mission changes.

"In the next five years, we will build a dynamic Muhammadiyah to become brighter," he pointed out.

According Nashir, Muhammadiyah also sees three major problems in the future life namely the virtue, nationality, and humanity.

On the occasion, Nashir also thanked his predecessor Din Shamsuddin, who has led Muhammadiyah running very well.

"Muhammadiyah during the leadership of Din Shamsuddin has achieved many brilliant achievements, either through religious propagation and the constitution," he said.

According Haedar, managed to build a Muhammadiyah Din Shamsuddin be larger both domestically and abroad.

"Over the next five years, we will build dynamic Muhammadiyah to be brighter," he said.

Nashir further hoped that Muhammadiyah next mission is the creation of transformation so that Muhammadiyah will be advanced and modern organization in the mission changes.

On Tuesday (Aug 4) one of the Muhammadiyahs young figure Fida Afif stated that the new leader of the Muhammadiyah organization is expected to usher in progress for the Muslim organization in Indonesia.

According to the former chairman, Muhammadiyah is in need of new leaders who can bring about significant progress.

Fida Afif, one of the Muhammadiyahs young figures added that Muhammadiyah has envisioned transforming Indonesia into a more advanced, open, active, responsible, and evolving nation. With this idea, Muhammadiyah can address the core issues in this country.

Earlier, Chairman of Muhammadiyahs special branch in Germany Ridho Al-Hamdi stated that the new leader of the organization is expected to be a perfect or at least a near-perfect figure and is able to promote Muhammadiyah at the international level,

According to Ridho, the internationalization of Muhammadiyah will directly or indirectly promote Islam worldwide and will facilitate rapid growth to enable the religion to become the worlds second-largest.

During the first plenary session of the congress here on Monday night, Muhammadiyah Special Chapters and Muslim communities from 12 countries, and the Muhammadiyah Executive Board signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on strengthening cooperation.

Chairman of the first plenary session Malik Fajar stated that Muhammadiyah has special branches in several friendly countries, and many Muslim communities in numerous countries expressed interest in learning more about the Muhammadiyah organization in Indonesia.

The Muslim communities originate from 12 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mauritius, and Timor-Leste, among others.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) when opening the Muhammadiyah congress expressed hope that the Muhammadiyah can act as a driver for the progress of the nation.

"Muhammadiyah can strengthen its role as a driving force for the advancement of the nation," President Jokowi remarked during his opening address at the organization congress on Monday.

The president further noted that Muhammadiyah should be answerable to the people and have an answer to the problems of the nation.

"Our journey as a nation is still far from over. There are still several new challenges that we will face, but Muhammadiyah can answer them," Jokowi emphasized.

Jokowi was optimistic that Muhammadiyah can also respect the diversity of Indonesia.

The president then called on the organization to continue to fight for the independence of the Palestinian state and world peace.

Established in 1912, Muhammadiyah, the socioreligious organization in Indonesia, aims at adapting Islam to modern Indonesian life.

The organization was chiefly inspired by an Egyptian reform movement, led by Muhammad Abduh, which had tried to bring the Muslim faith in harmony with modern rational thoughts.(*)

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