Indonesia`s export performance slips 17.98 percent

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said Indonesian export value in September touched U.S.$12.5 billion, reflecting a drop of 17.98 percent, from the same period last year, when exports were pegged at U.S.$15.27 billion.

"If compared with September 2014, it decreased by 17.98 per cent. However, when compared with August 2015 it fell only 1.55 percent from U.S.$12.72 billion," BPS Chief, Suryamin, said at a press conference on Thursday.

Suryamin said the performance of non-oil exports in September, which amounted to U.S.$11.1 billion, had also slipped 12.45 percent, compared with a year ago, when they stood at U.S.$12.65 billion.

Compared with August 2015's non-oil export value of U.S.$11.9 billion, they fell 1.06 percent in September.

"Indeed, the surplus in exports in the non-oil sector increased from month to month. There is potential to continue developing non-oil exports," Suryamin noted.

The biggest decline in non-oil exports from August 2015 to September 2015 occurred in machinery or mechanical appliances, amounting to U.S.$98.0 million, or 18.18 percent, while the largest uptick was in jewelry amounting to U.S.$127.4 million, or up 29.49 percent.

Non-oil exports to the United States in September 2015 reached the highest volume reaching at U.S.$1.3 billion, followed by both Japan and China at U.S.$1.1 billion, with the contribution of the three countries to the total exports touching 30.93 percent.

"Exports to 27 countries in the European Union were pegged at U.S.$1.2 billion," pointed out Suryamin.

The cumulative value of Indonesian exports for the January to September 2015 period reached U.S.$115.1 billion, down 13.29 percent from U.S.$132.7 billion in the same period in 2014. Non-oil exports reached U.S.$100.7 billion or slumped 7.87 percent from U.S.$109.3 billion a year ago.

Based on sectors, non-oil exports at processing industrial products fell 7.57 percent during the January to September 2015 period from a year ago, and exports for other mining products fell 11.53 percent, while exports for agricultural products rose by 0.73 percent.

By province of origin, the largest Indonesian exports during the January to September 2015 period came from West Java and were valued at U.S.$19.3 billion, or 16.76 percent, followed by East Kalimantan at U.S.$14.3 billion, or 12.39 percent, and East Java at U.S.$12.8 billion, or 11.10 percent.(*)