Freeport is just the same as other companies in Indonesia, such as Chevron and others."
Washington DC (ANTARA News) - Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said denied a report claiming that he had met the Freeport leader before President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) commenced his current visit to the United States.

After a press conference at the Blair House on Monday morning, Minister Sudirman said the report that he had earlier met the Freeport leader was untrue.

"Indonesia has relations with the United States. A meeting with Moffet (Freeport CEO) should not precede (the visit of the president). Moffet can be invited to Indonesia any time, so what is in it for me to specially meet Moffet," Sudirman explained.

Two executives of the United States-based companies Chevron and General Electric met Jokowi on Monday at the Blair House, where the president, as a state guest, spent the night.

The two executives expressed interest to continue their investment commitment in Indonesia. He urged to not spread untrue reports.

"Such a report should not be exaggerated. Freeport is just the same as other companies in Indonesia, such as Chevron and others," he affirmed.

On the occasion, Minister Sudirman stated that Chevron, which had been operating for about 90 years, had shown interest to continue its investment commitment in Indonesia.

Sudirman made the statement after President Jokowi and his officials held a one-on-one meeting with Chevron executives at the Blair House in Washington on Monday.

"They have about 40 thousand employees in Indonesia. Ninety percent of the workforce is Indonesian. They have committed to develop Indonesia," Sudirman emphasized.

He remarked that Chevron had specifically planned to implement the Deepwater Development (IDD) project for Indonesians.

The IDD, which is a deep sea project, is important for Indonesia and is being developed by Chevron.

"This is because the global oil prices are less favorable, and three PODs have been revised," the minister noted.

He explained that during the meeting, President Jokowi had stressed on the importance of thinking for the long term as Chevron had been operating in Indonesia since a long time.

The Indonesian government lauded Chevrons presence in Indonesia, while the company too praised the Indonesian government for being increasingly transparent and accessible.

In addition, Indonesia hoped that the investment of the United States in the country will diversify after Jokowis current visit.

Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Franky Sibarani noted in a written press statement received in Jakarta on Monday that one of BKPMs objectives during the current visit to the United States was to lend assurance to business circles regarding Indonesias investment potentials apart from the areas in which the country had already drawn investors from the United States.

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