Radicalism continues to occur in many parts of the world, and the latest one was the terrorist attack on a hotel in Mali.
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia will raise the importance of cooperation in addressing and overcoming the problem of radicalism and terrorism in a number of meetings during the ASEAN Summit.

It is imperative that all nations and private citizens become more involved in the fight against radicalism and terrorism as a global enemy.

The war on terror needs to focus on more than just transnational terrorism, because domestic terrorism poses a greater threat in terms of lives and property loss than transnational terrorism.

In light of this, Indonesia will convey the importance of cooperation in addressing and overcoming the problem of radicalism, Foreign Affairs Minister Retno Marsudi has said.

"In a number of meetings during the ASEAN Summit, Indonesia will convey the importance of cooperation in dealing with crimes, especially related to radicalism and terrorism," Retno remarked at Westin Hotel in Kuala Lumpur Friday night.

Radicalism continues to occur in many parts of the world, and the latest one was the terrorist attack on a hotel in Mali, she noted.

A terror attack on a luxury hotel in Malis capital Bamako left at least 21 people dead, including two militants, and highlighted the worlds growing vulnerability to extremist violence, according to The Guardian on its website http://www.theguardian.com.

Less than a week after the Paris gun and suicide bomb attacks in which 130 people were killed, a group of heavily armed and seemingly well-trained gunmen stormed the Radisson Blu hotel in Bamako.

They drove unchallenged into an inner compound, detonated grenades, opened fire at security guards and then took hostage about 170 people, among them diplomats, a celebrated Guinean singer and air crew from France and Turkey, as well as Indian and Chinese nationals.

"There was terror act in Mali. We communicated with our personnel in Mali and found that all Indonesian nationals there are in good condition," Retno said.

On the sidelines of ASEAN Summit in Kuala Lumpur, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) will hold bilateral meetings with numerous parties, including United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, she remarked.

"President Jokowi and the UN secretary general will discuss global issues, including radicalism and terrorism, as Indonesia plays a major role in handling the matter," the minister noted.

At the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) ministerial meeting in Manila, Philippines on Tuesday, the Indonesian foreign minister discussed the important role of inclusive development in addressing the threats of extremism and terrorism.

"It is important for APEC member economies to implement a policy of inclusive development and establish strong communities, so that the development is visible to all people," the minister stated in a press release received here on Tuesday night.

During the APEC ministerial plenary meeting in Manila, Retno also expressed her condolences and condemned the terror attack in Paris.

The Indonesian foreign affairs minister noted that the Paris attack was a testament to the fact that no country is free from the threats of extremism and terrorism.

She stated that terrorism is a global threat, and therefore, necessary action and real global cooperation are necessary to combat it.

Retno reiterated that to counter the threats of extremism and terrorism, the root causes, such as the development gap, unemployment, and job inequality, among others, need to be addressed.

"This inclusive development will bring prosperity to all, and no one will be left behind," she affirmed.

Retno also emphasized that the APEC summit should be able to leverage its demographic dividend in creating strong and sustainable communities.

Moreover, the minister stated that providing education and improving skills will help to increase the role of women as they are considered to be an important investment in optimizing the demographic dividend.

She also remarked that the policies of APEC countries should offer equal opportunities to all groups, including vulnerable groups, and should empower human resources to become more competitive.

Retno asserted that structural economic reforms are needed to achieve inclusive development and to form strong communities.

In this regard, the minister noted that Indonesia has adopted a policy to make its economy more efficient and inclusive.

In the meantime, Indonesian State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Chief Sutiyoso said in Kuala Lumpur on Friday night that global cooperation was key to overcome the issues of terrorism.

"We are all aware that terrorism has become a global threat, and therefore there is no other way to overcome it besides a global cooperation," Sutiyoso remarked.

He noted that the cooperation to combat terrorism is not only among ASEAN countries but globally.

Further, the BIN chief added that before the Paris attack, he had been to China, Australia, the Middle East, the United States, and the Singapore-based ASEAN Intelligence Community (AIC).

"All have talked about terrorism, and that means that all have been aware that terrorism is a global threat," Sutiyoso said, adding that all parties in Indonesia, including the security personnel and public communities should increase vigilance against terrorism.

"Terrorism is our common problem. All individuals must be the eyes and ears of BIN. I ask them to give information to BIN on things that are seen odd, strange, and suspicious as the indication of terror in order to be prevented early," he noted.

Sutiyoso affirmed that in face of terror, the public should not panic but be vigilant and cooperative with the authorities.

He also mentioned that Islam in Indonesia has moderate and tolerant since hundreds of years ago.

"But lately, since the economy began to improve, a number of youth who studied in the Middle East got acquainted with Islamic hardliners," he said.

Therefore, the State Intelligence Agency chief called on

the Islamic scholars to enhance their role in the fight against terrorism in the country.(*)

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