TOKYO--(Antara/BUSINESS WIRE)-- Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. (JASDAQ: 9640) (Headquarter: Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Miyano) and HULFT Pte. Ltd. (Branch Office: Singapore, CEO Kazuhiro Uchida) will release data integration middleware, “DataSpider Mini for Excel,” targeting the Southeast Asian SME market on December 17th, 2015. The software will allow organizations that traditionally have struggled with different departments managing various critical business data using Excel files to increase operational efficiency whilst reducing human errors.

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The Excel Predicament of SMEs

SMEs often lack the budgets or system integration expertise to streamline and automate their internal flows of information and data. Instead, different departments manage data using Excel. Whilst Excel is an easy-to-use and affordable option, when comes to the organization’s need to continuously sync, reconcile, and analyze data from disparate Excel files, problems and inefficiencies occur due to the manual processes. This often results in missed opportunities and problems caused by the inevitable human error or data that is no longer relevant by the time it reaches its destination.

Solution Provided by “DataSpider Mini for Excel”

DataSpider Mini for Excel allows users to create processing flows called scripts in a GUI development and configuration window called DataSpider Studio. DataSpider imports various data from Excel files. The imported data is then converted and processed with common operations such as structure transformation, filtering, mapping, integration, and calculations. This script is registered as a service and can be utilized by executing from the necessary application and process. The result is increased operational efficiency, fewer errors, and, in many cases, greater visibility for executives on the course of their business.

Product Positioning

Saison Information Systems CTO, Mr. Kazutoshi Ono, commented, “DataSpider Mini for Excel is an edition of our comprehensive data integration middleware, DataSpider Servista, which is used by over 2,400 companies and known for its ease-of-use. DataSpider Mini for Excel is focused on the issues faced by SMEs regarding the reconciliation of multiple disparate Excel files. Such organizations are often large enough to have outgrown Excel, but too small to be able to afford custom enterprise-level IT integration to automate their workflows. We chose to release first in South East Asia due to the region’s dynamism and openness to trying new solutions.”

DataSpider Mini for Excel Functionality Overview

Example Use Case 1: Automation of Report Creation

DataSpider Mini for Excel extracts data from multiple applications and integrates it into one or more Excel files. For example, a sales report that previously took one month to create manually could be compiled instantly.

Example Use Case 2: Automation of Data Entry

After customer-facing sales staff input data into Excel, DataSpider Mini for Excel automatically extracts the data from the multiple Excel files and sends relevant items to the sales force automation database, the master database, and the accounting system.

Product Components

  • DataSpider Mini for Excel Server
  • Development Client x 1
  • Excel Adapter
  • Email Adapter
  • CSV Adapter
  • Schedule Trigger


DataSpider Mini for Excel is offered with two license fee options:

  • Perpetual License: $8,474/CPU + Support Fee equivalent to 30% of license fee per year
  • Monthly License: $564 per month (includes support)
  • Additional Adapters may be purchased for $282 per month or upper
  • Users may upgrade to the next higher edition in the DataSpider series, "Dataspider Servista Basic Server Package," by paying the price difference.


  • Available for purchase in South East Asia

About the DataSpider Series of Middleware

The DataSpider series of data integration middleware is produced by Appresso Co., Ltd. With its rich lineup of adapters and its intuitive and user-friendly integration functionality, DataSpider contributes to the increase in productivity and cost reduction in the realm of data integration system development and workflow automation for over 2,400 corporate users. Users can use its GUI to integrate a wide range of systems and file formats without any coding. Adapters include those for SAP, IBM Notes, Excel files, and various databases.

About Saison Information Systems

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 and is one of the nation's leading systems integration (SI) service providers. For over 40-years, the firm has accumulated broad expertise through on-site engagements with enterprises including large-scale nation-wide retail operations and financial institutions. The company's main businesses are system development, operation, and software sales, including HULFT. Saison Information Systems is listed on the JASDAQ stock exchange under the code 9640 and employs over 1,200 people. For more information, please visit:

About HULFT Pte.Ltd.

Headquartered in Singapore, HULFT Pte. Ltd. was established as a 100% owned subsidiary of Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd. in April, 2015. Major business of the firm are marketing activity for HULFT in ASEAN region and the relevant sales support and training to local partners related to HULFT business.

About Appresso

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Appresso Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Operating under the concept of transforming "creation" to "connection," the company develops and provides services related to its DataSpider series of data integration middleware. Appresso is a subsidiary of Saison Information Systems. For more information, please visit:


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