Police confirm effort to arrest other suspects in Jakarta bombing

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Police have confirmed an effort to catch other suspected terrorists linked to last Thursday's attacks in Jakarta.

"It is true that we have made an effort to arrest (other suspects) in the bomb attacks near the Sarinah (Department Store) but we cannot yet give further information about it," Chief of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police's Public Relations Service Senior Commissioner, Muhammad Iqbal, said on Sunday.

Neither did he divulge the total number of suspected terrorists who have been arrested in the wake of the attacks and the locations of the arrest for investigation reasons.

Iqbal confirmed that the police searched the houses of people suspected of link to the Jakarta bombing.

He said Sugito who was earlier suspected of involvement in the attacks was a civilian who was killed in the attacks.

"Sugito who worked as a courier was a civilian. He was not a suspected terrorist," he said.

After conducting an investigation, the police came to the conclusion that Sugito was a civilian. Therefore, the number of suspected terrorists killed in the attack is four instead of five as earlier reported.

Eight people were killed and 20 others injured in the attacks.