Indonesia-China to actualize cooperation on cyber defense

Indonesia-China to actualize cooperation on cyber defense

Ilustration (ANTARA News/Lukisatrio)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and China are to actualize their cooperation on cyber security especially concerning capacity building for the human resources involved, an official said.

Indonesia and the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) met earlier this week in a pre-agreement or pre-MoU regarding capacity building for cyberspace human resources, Expert Staff of the National Cyber Information Defense Security and Resilient Agency (DKKICN) Muchlis Ahmady said here Saturday.

"There are four sectors in capacity building cooperation with the CAC," Ahmady said.

The first sector is the communication and Information technology strategy, which deals with the awareness on cyber security for decision making, and national infrastructure development.

The second is capacity building which is associated with the operation and techniques on digital forensics, information security, network security cyber risk management, and giant data analysis, in addition to cyber-related issues.

The third sector is joint research on cyber defense and security especially in the area of cryptograph operation systems, cyber law, cyberterrorism, and counter cyber intelligence.

The next one is the plan on doing joint operations on cyber security, Ahmady said.

The joint operation will include cyber war simulation, response and mitigation on cyber war, cyber monitoring, and cyber crisis management, in addition to planning on restoring a data center.

"The keys of success in handling a crisis in cyberspace are coordination and sharing," he said.

Reporting by Hanni Sofia Soepardi