Banjarmasin, S Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The National Narcotics Agency of South Kalimantan Province has identified a new class of drugs called "the gorilla tobacco," which is being circulated in the South Kalimantan Province.

"We are testing the gorilla tobacco in the laboratory of the BNN RI (the Narcotic Agencys Headquarters) as it has an effect similar to marijuana," the Head of Eradication Department of the National Narcotics Agency of South Kalimantan, Sujono said on Thursday.

However, the new type of drug has not been regulated in the law and therefore the authorities cannot arrest the persons trafficking in the gorilla tobacco.

In the meantime, the authorities will keep monitoring the circulation of tobacco and the other newly found illegal substances.

The locals have been talking about the circulation of the gorilla tobacco in South Kalimantan.

The mobile brigade unit of the South Kalimantan Province have managed to reveal the illegal trade and brought the evidence and the suspect to the Banjarbaru Sector Police Office.

Earlier, the Chief of the South Kalimantan National Narcotics Agency (BNNP), Commissioner Police Arnowo in Banjarmasin said South Kalimantan was prone to circulation and smuggling of illicit types of drugs, due to the strategic location of the region.

In October 2015, the Directorate of Narcotics Investigation (Ditresnarkoba) of the South Kalimantan Regional Police had arrested two dealers for trading a new type drug CC4 in the city of Banjarmasin.

He further said CC4 looked like a stamp and had managed to enter the South Kalimantan airport or seaport due to no drug detection devices.

In October last year, at around 21:30, Subdit 1 Ditresnarkoba had arrested two actors from different locations.

The first perpetrator was a woman with initials VV (30), resident of Jl Junjung Buih, Batola District, from whom 20 pieces CC4 were confiscated.

The Police had immediately filed a case, including someone named AZ (31), who is said to be a male resident of Jalan Banjar Indah Permai, Banjarmasin.

AZ was arrested from Jalan Seberang Masjid, Central Banjarmasin, with as many as 12 sheets of CC4.

The CC4 evidence samples were taken to the forensic laboratory in Surabaya to be tested. (*)

Editor: Heru Purwanto
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