Indonesia, Britain initiate cooperation in maritime sector

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia and Britain (including North Ireland) have initiated cooperation in the maritime sector through a bilateral maritime forum to be held in London next April.
To discuss the cooperation forum the Office of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs held a Bilateral Maritime Workshop here from February 22 to 23.
"On July 27, 2015 Indonesia and Britain signed a memorandum of understanding on maritime cooperation. This year we will implement the cooperation," First Deputy for Maritime Sovereignty of the Office of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs, Arif Havas Oegroseno, said on the sidelines of the workshop Monday.
There were four main issues being discussed at the workshop including fishery, maritime diplomacy and cooperation for capacity building in the maritime sector, he explained.
"With regard to fishery, we, for example, exchange ideas regarding fish culture, catch fishing, market access to Britain and many others," he said.
Britain is one of the maritime countries in the world that has experience and knowledge as well as high technology in the maritime field including shipping, port, maritime industry, culture and security, as well as maritime and fishery sectors, and remote sensing.
In view of that it was hoped that through the workshop issues could be collected to be discussed at the Bilateral Maritime Forum later.
The MOU signed by Indonesia and Britain covers education, investment, and Indonesian seafood market access to Britain and exchange of information on international sea laws.
Cooperation potential between the two countries in the maritime is huge including on how to develop technology in Britain and implemented physically in Indonesia, Rear Admiral Tom Karsten, CEO of CEFAS, a well-known British marine and fishery research institution, said.(*)